About Meet & Right

1) What is Meet & Right?

‘Meet & Right’ is  a podcast that dives into liturgical worship and how communion really begins after church. The pinnacle of my union with Christ is at the table of the Lord, but living this out and applying the power of the resurrected Lord to my life is how I grow as His child.

2) What do the episodes consist of? 

The episodes of the podcast will be comprised of interviews and meditations on topics pertaining to the diaconate ministry and to Orthodox spirituality. The episodes will consist of learning how to experience transformational liturgical worship through the hymnology and spirituality of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

3) How often are the episodes?

The episodes will be released the first week of every month.

4) Can I suggest a topic for an episode?

Absolutely! Feel free to email us anytime at coptichymnsinenglish@gmail.com

5) How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to ‘Meet & Right’ by clicking HERE for the RSS feed or the links below for Apple and Android phones.